About our Event!

Go Global is a 5-month mentoring program designed for you to explore and discern God's purposes for you in His beautiful world.

This is a virtual event where, along with a small group of participants, you will meet with a Global Coach over the course of 5 months (one hour sessions). Your coach is an experienced InterVarsity Link staff who has lived overseas and has been through the same discernment process you are in now.

This is an ongoing program. New groups start every month and you can sign up at any time! Once registered, you will be placed into a small group (no more than 6) and contacted to find a time to meet.

After 5 months, you will be able to keep any Go Global resources shared during the program. You will have a better understanding of overseas cross-cultural student ministry. You will have clear next steps to move towards God's unique calling on your life. You will have access to your Global Coach after the program ends.

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The Go Global mentorship program is for you if:

  • You are discerning a call to overseas ministry 
  • You want to explore how God has uniquely gifted and equipped you 
  • You want to know what God has to say about His purposes for the world 
  • You would like to receive prayer and process your future with a Go Global coach 
  • You desire to be in an interactive space and contribute to the global conversation 
  • You are willing to do about one hour of reflecting/reading in between sessions
  • You are available for one hour per month over the course of 5 months


Month 1 - (one hour)Introduction

Learn the first 3 steps of the Go Global discernment tool

Month 2 - (one hour)Discussion and Learning

Read about and discuss topics of Paternalism and Colonialism

Month 3 - (one hour)Xplore Guide

Work through this guide with your coach

Month 4 - (one hour)Xplore Guide

Work through this guide with your coach

Month 5 - (one hour)Finishing

Learn and discuss the final 2 steps of the Go Global discernment tool. Leave with next steps.

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By submitting this form, you give InterVarsity Link permission to contact you in regards to scheduling, updates, follow-up, etc. We will email you the necessary materials required to participate in this program.  All meetings for the Go Global mentorship program will be conducted via Zoom, unless otherwise indicated. You must have the ability to join a Zoom meeting via computer or phone. By submitting this form, you agree to meet with a Go Global coach and a small group of participants for one hour per month over 5 months.

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