Discerning Your Place in God's Beautiful World

Discerning God's will can be difficult, and we need people to help us in that process. InterVarsity Link is here for you!

What: An interactive webinar where you will learn about the discernment process and have individualized time with a Link staff who has gone through this process. Receive prayer and ask your burning questions about discerning a call to global ministry.

Time: Friday, August 11, 1-2:30 PST/4-5:30 pm EST

Speakers: InterVarsity Link staff who have gone through the discernment process and have or are currently serving with IFES globally. 

How: This webinar will take place over Zoom. You will be provided the Zoom link and your own discernment guide after registering.

Cost: Free!

Outcome: Become one step closer to discerning God's Call for your life and be equipped with how to move forward. 

The Discernment Webinar is for you if

  • You are discerning a call to global ministry 
  • You want to explore how God has uniquely gifted and equipped you 
  • You want to know what God has to say about His purposes for the world 
  • You would like to receive prayer and process your future with a Link staff
  • You desire to be in an interactive space and contribute to the global conversation 
  • You are available for 90 minutes


Step 1Hearing the Call

Listen to a Link staff testimony.

Step 2Testing the Call

Reflect on your journey thus far.

Step 3Confirmation From Others

Process these steps with a small group and mentor.

Step 4Sorting Through Opportunities and Timing

Learn about specific opportunities with InterVarsity Link.

Step 5Stepping into the Process

Receive prayer as you discern your specific next steps.

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By submitting this form, you give InterVarsity Link permission to contact you in regards to scheduling, updates, follow-up, etc. We will email you the necessary materials required to participate in this webinar.  This webinar will be conducted via Zoom, unless otherwise indicated. You must have the ability to join a Zoom meeting via computer or phone. By submitting this form, you agree to interact with Link staff during the discernment webinar and not share any information about confidential staff or other attendees.  

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